Three things you need condo insurance to cover

As a condo owner, it’s vital that you invest in a condo insurance policy that will cover you for liabilities and assets that the master policy for your building won’t cover. At Allkane Insurance, we provide insurance coverage to Stamford, CT condo owners. 

The following are three things that condo insurance will cover for condo owners looking to cover their liabilities and protect their assets.

The interior of the policy holder’s condo

A condo association or master insurance policy for a condo building won’t provide coverage for a condo unit’s interior walls and fixtures. However, individual condo insurance that the condo owner purchases will provide coverage for the interior of the condo unit. 

Liability costs for lawsuits made against the condo owner

If a guest enters an individual condo unit and gets injured on the inside, condo insurance will cover the resulting expenses. This makes it so that condo insurance protects a condo owner against lawsuits and other types of liability claims made against them.

Such coverage is very valuable for the policyholder because liability expenses could get very high if they involve medical bills or loss of income expenses for the injured individual. 

The personal property that the condo owner keeps within the condo

A condo owner’s personal property within the unit is protected by condo insurance. This means that if personal possessions, including furniture, clothing, and electronics, are damaged within a condo unit, condo insurance will reimburse the policyholder for the resulting expenses. 

If you’d like to learn more about your options for condo coverage in Stamford, CT, let us know. At Allkane Insurance, we’re here to answer all of your questions about condo insurance coverage.