Do I need flood insurance

Floods are the deadliest natural disasters in the world and the United States. They cause billions of dollars in damage every year. Note that floods can and do happen in every state. With rising water worldwide, the danger is real everywhere. It comes as a result of heavy rains that send streams and rivers running over their banks. In the Northeast, the melting winter snows are an almost yearly threat. Hurricanes regularly come North and cause extreme flooding in Connecticut, as well. Having flood insurance can make dealing with one of these events much easier. At Allkane Insurance in Stamford, CT, we will work with you to make sure your home is safe in the event of a flood. 

One thing that comes as a shock to many homeowners is flooding is not covered with traditional home insurance. This makes it imperative if there is any possibility water could get up to your home and damage it, you need flood insurance. The federal government regulates flood insurance. Prices for identical coverage will be the same no matter which carrier you choose, so it is wise to choose one with a reputation for excellent service. We are an independent agency, so we don’t work for just one company. We can help make recommendations when it comes to choosing your carrier. 

Flood insurance is sold in two parts. You can buy one or both. The building structure is one part, and the contents are the other. The structure includes the building itself and all the permanent things like electric, plumbing, HVAC, etc. Contents are your furniture, electronics, and personal items. 

If you want to learn more about flood insurance and what benefits you will receive from a policy, contact Allkane Insurance in Stamford, CT. Our team is here to offer you the information that you need. Give us a call and make an appointment to discuss flood insurance.