What auto insurance is required in Connecticut

Getting out on the road in Connecticut takes you to historic towns and beautiful beaches. For such a small state, Connecticut offers a very diverse environment. Traffic accidents happen even in the nicest places and making sure you are protected is important. At Allkane Insurance in Stamford, CT, we have been in business since 2009. We access many carriers which allow our customers to benefit from our personal service and knowledge.  

When it comes to personal auto insurance, the state of Connecticut mandates you carry insurance that protects other drivers from you. The limits required are $20,000 in personal injury for the first person injured in an accident where you are at fault and a total of $40,000 for each accident. You also must have $10,000 in property damage liability. For such an expensive state, these are pretty minimal limits.  

If you have assets that are more than very basic, you should probably consider getting a higher liability limit than the amount required by the state. Talk to your insurance agent about the amount of liability insurance you have. 

If you have a lease or a loan on your vehicle, you will be required to have liability and comprehensive coverage. These protect your car. If you are a person who counts on your vehicle for your everyday life, you should consider having this coverage as well. 

Having collision coverage will repair your vehicle after a deductible when you are the responsible party in an accident. Comprehensive will cover things that damage your vehicle that are beyond your control, things like theft, storms, vandalism and hail not to mention a moose in the road in front of your vehicle. This is necessary coverage if you want to have a car to drive and yours gets damaged. 

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