Why Every Biker Needs Motorcycle Insurance

If you have a bike, you probably love riding it. However, doing so brings you a variety of risks. It’s important to have motorcycle insurance to help mitigate the risks and keep yourself as protected as possible. If you have a motorcycle that isn’t yet covered by a motorcycle policy, give us a call today at Allkane Insurance in Stamford, CT.

Liability Coverage for Motorcycles

Motorcycle insurance policies are much like the policies in cars and trucks. They require some liability coverage that can help to protect you against sky-high medical bills that you may owe if you cause an accident with your bike. You need to have bodily injury liability in your policy as well as property damage liability. These each pay for damages that can be caused by your bike. The bodily injury coverage covers other people who become injured in an accident that you are at fault for and pays their resulting medical bills. The property damage coverage pays for damage that is done to another vehicle, a building, landscaping, etc. When you have these coverages in place, you are less likely to be sued for some of these damages. 

Other Types of Coverage

In addition to bodily injury and property damage liability, there are other types of coverage that you may want to have for your motorcycle, even if they aren’t mandated by law. Getting collision coverage protects your bike after an accident that you caused and allows your repairs to be paid for by the policy. Getting comprehensive insurance is another way to protect yourself. It covers many risks that exist to your bike when it isn’t being ridden. These policies can come in handy so that you don’t lose your bike after an accident. 

Motorcycle Coverage

If you have a motorcycle, you need this coverage to keep you driving legally and to keep you protected in case of an accident. To get your policy, call us at Allkane Insurance in Stamford, CT.

Is motorcycle insurance a necessity?

Sometimes, getting formidable motorcycle insurance in Stamford, CT that matches your unique needs and meeting your budget goals can sometimes be a daunting task. Prolific and affordable protection in Stamford CT, is a prerequisite initiative for all motorcycle riders. Motorcycle insurance is a shield for motorcycling enthusiasts in Stamford CT, where there are breathtaking sceneries to enjoy the liberty that only your motorcycle can offer. Motorcycle insurance is paramount to your protection as a rider on the road, as well as the rest of your safety gear. It caters to repairs, replacement costs and general medical expenses for any third party injured in an accident and costs for any property damage. Buying motorcycle insurance from a reputable insurer is the best way to ensure your coverage is adequate to avert the financial nightmare at your disposal. Contact our agents at Allkane Insurance and let our agents forge the most robust shield possible to safeguard you and your motorcycle.

Is motorcycle insurance a necessity?

Owning a motorcycle in Stamford, CT, is a significant step in life for any resident. Unluckily, many motorcycle accidents result in a fatality, indicating why superb protection is vital if you are a motorcycle owner. Motorcycle insurance is a worthwhile asset for the following reasons:

It’s a legal requirement.

It’s mandatory in Connecticut for any motorcycle owner to carry motorcycle insurance. Most motorcycle owners possess insurance because it’s a requirement by law. Motorcycle insurance is a prerequisite requirement before registering your motorcycle, and the consequences of riding your bike without the mandated minimum requirements by the state can attract dire consequences like fines and license suspension.

Liability protection

Suppose you propagate injuries or damage the property of other parties. In that case, liability coverage kicks in and helps settle the resulting expenses to cover repairs and other bills if you are deemed responsible.

Safeguard your motorcycle

Collision and comprehensive policies offer extensive coverage for your bike if it gets physically damaged in an accident. Collision pays for repairing or replacing your motorbike if it gets damaged from a collision with other motorists. At the same time, comprehensive coverage provides the same protection if your bike gets damaged by non-collision events, even if it gets parked at your home.

Provide coverage during emergencies

Have you ever wondered what could happen if your motorcycle runs out of gas or experiences engine failure in the middle of nowhere? Motorcycle insurance rescues you in emergency instances by enabling you to receive assistance if you need towing service or fuel.

Do you want to get detailed information about motorcycle insurance to guarantee protection for you and your motorcycle in Stamford, CT? Please call or visit us at Allkane Insurance to get the necessary assistance from our experienced and caring agents.

Should I get motorcycle insurance in Stamford?

When you live in the Stamford, CT area, you will need to have a mode of transportation. One option is to purchase a motorcycle, which is efficient and will also be fun for you to drive. As you are shopping for your next bike, you should spend time thinking about your insurance needs. There are several reasons that you should get motorcycle insurance when you are here.

Insurance Protects Asset

One of the key benefits of getting a motorcycle insurance policy is that you will get coverage for your asset. When you purchase a motorcycle, you will want your investment to last for as long as possible. When you get a motorcycle insurance policy, it will give the coverage needed to either repair or replace your asset. Due to this coverage, your lender will require you to have this insurance until your loan is repaid.

Insurance Offers Liability Protection

Another advantage of motorcycle insurance is that it will offer you liability protection. Anyone that operates a motorcycle could make a mistake when they are using it and cause an accident. If you do not have insurance, you will have to cover these damages out of pocket. With a motorcycle insurance policy, you are going to have the coverage needed to offset this risk. 

Picking a motorcycle insurance policy in Stamford, CT is a big decision. As you are looking for a policy, receiving professional support is always going to be helpful. A great company that you can speak with when looking for coverage is Allkane Insurance. The insurance professionals at Allkane Insurance can offer you the guidance needed to understand your options better and choose an ideal policy for your situation. 

Motorcycle safety tips for new riders in Connecticut

Riding a motorcycle can be fun, but at times it can be dangerous in the event you are involved in an accident. In many cases, motorcycles are always covered by an insurance policy. That pays for the damages to your motorcycle in the event of theft, damages from weather, fire, or if you are involved in an accidentally hit other objects. At Allkane insurance located in Stamford, CT, we provide coverage if you’re involved in an accident while riding, it’s your initiative to ride securely.

This means that you will remain safe on and about the roads. Some motorcycling related accidents are unavoidable. Thus, you can do numerous things to decrease the danger of injury to yourself, your traveler, and other road users in the streets. Here are some motorcycle safety tips from Allkane insurance that you should consider before riding a motorcycle.

Always Wear a Helmet

Wearing a helmet is the ideal approach to secure against serious head injuries. Wearing a helmet fundamentally diminishes your risk of genuine head injury and possible death in the event of an accident. A bike rider not wearing a protective helmet is at multiple times bound to sustain a serious head injury. Wearing a helmet can reduce your odds of enduring a motorcycle accident.

Check your bicycle before you ride.

Before each ride, do a speedy check to ensure your motorcycle is in good shape to ride. This incorporates checking whether the tires are correctly inflated and that everything is in good working condition, especially the brakes. It’s critical to inspect the chokes and brakes before you ride. If you spot indications of a liquid or oil spill underneath the motorcycle, don’t ride but look for a solution.

Observe Traffic Laws

Make sure to familiarize yourself with traffic regulations that govern motorcycle. A motorcycle is more difficult to see than a vehicle or truck, so it’s important to anticipate that other drivers can’t see you on a bustling highway. Thus it’s essential to always be on the lookout for careless drivers on the road who don’t pay attention.

For more Motorcycle Safety Tips, give us a call at Allkane insurance, and our agents will be more than ready to help you.