Why Every Biker Needs Motorcycle Insurance

If you have a bike, you probably love riding it. However, doing so brings you a variety of risks. It’s important to have motorcycle insurance to help mitigate the risks and keep yourself as protected as possible. If you have a motorcycle that isn’t yet covered by a motorcycle policy, give us a call today at Allkane Insurance in Stamford, CT.

Liability Coverage for Motorcycles

Motorcycle insurance policies are much like the policies in cars and trucks. They require some liability coverage that can help to protect you against sky-high medical bills that you may owe if you cause an accident with your bike. You need to have bodily injury liability in your policy as well as property damage liability. These each pay for damages that can be caused by your bike. The bodily injury coverage covers other people who become injured in an accident that you are at fault for and pays their resulting medical bills. The property damage coverage pays for damage that is done to another vehicle, a building, landscaping, etc. When you have these coverages in place, you are less likely to be sued for some of these damages. 

Other Types of Coverage

In addition to bodily injury and property damage liability, there are other types of coverage that you may want to have for your motorcycle, even if they aren’t mandated by law. Getting collision coverage protects your bike after an accident that you caused and allows your repairs to be paid for by the policy. Getting comprehensive insurance is another way to protect yourself. It covers many risks that exist to your bike when it isn’t being ridden. These policies can come in handy so that you don’t lose your bike after an accident. 

Motorcycle Coverage

If you have a motorcycle, you need this coverage to keep you driving legally and to keep you protected in case of an accident. To get your policy, call us at Allkane Insurance in Stamford, CT.