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Connecticut Motorcycle insurance coverage

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Motorcycle Insurance in Connecticut

Owning a motorcycle can be a very exciting experience. For many, nothing compares to the feel of the wind in your hair and the sun on your back, as you cruise the streets of your city or town. However, as fun as it is to ride your motorcycle, it can be equally dangerous. A motorcycle is a two-wheeled vehicle, just like a car is a four-wheeled vehicle. Vehicle mobility doesn't come without risks. Therefore, insurance is a requirement for motorcycles and cars alike. However, exactly what is required depends on state regulations and minimums.

What Type of Motorcycle Insurance is Required in Connecticut?

Connecticut motorcyclists are required to carry liability insurance. This insurance must meet the required state minimums. Cyclists must carry liability that provides twenty thousand dollars in bodily injury coverage for anyone that's injured, forty thousand bodily injury coverage per accident, and ten thousand dollars of coverage for property damage, per accident. To legally cruise the streets, highways, and byways of Connecticut you must carry liability insurance that meets the state minimum requirements.

Allkane Insurance of Stamford, CT takes pride in educating motorcycle owners in the state about the benefits and safety that investing ion liability insurance can provide. Not only is it a requirement, but it's also a necessity that helps ensure that everyone is covered in the event of an unforeseen accident or situation. Plus, motorcycle owners can always invest in more than just liability insurance if they have other concerns as well. Give Allkane Insurance of Stamford, CT a call. We are here to help Connecticut cyclists protect themselves and others and get the coverage they need. Nothing compares to the thrill of riding your motorcycle around the city knowing that you're carrying insurance that meets the state's requirements and will be beneficial should anything unexpected happen. Give us a call. We can’t wait to help and educate.


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